Wettest harvest on record?

Wettest harvest on record?

Like so many farmers we have also been battling all this wet weather. Being a farming family the wet weather has caused major disruption all through harvest making a normally very enjoyable task a lot of hard work. 

All this rain we’ve been experiencing through out this so called summer hasn’t only made harvest difficult we have also experienced some very wet days at our summer game fairs and events which we usually enjoy hot summer days catching up with so many of our amazing customers. 

On a brighter note, the consistent rain with sunny spells here and there has definitely helped when it comes to the grazing for the cattle, personally our grazing marshes have never had so much grass, which is keeping the girls very happy. With the cows calving out of the marshes good grazing is essential to keep the cow in good order to provide for her offspring. 

The crops for our over wintering food is also looking very good, the forage maize is absolutely flying and we are pretty confident of having a very full clamp for the winter months when the cows return home in the sheds. 

So not all bad after all!

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